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Video courses for Edexcel A Level Physics (2nd Year)

My video courses are carefully designed to allow students to self-study their way to mastery of A level physics!

I am gradually releasing courses to cover the 2nd year of A Level physics (Topics 6 to 13) over the coming months.

Several courses are already available.

Note that all the theory videos in these courses will soon all be freely available on Youtube:

Check-out the play-lists uploaded so far here:

Magnetic Fields in A level physics (8 videos)

Simple Harmonic Motion in A level physics (15 videos)

Capacitors in A level physics (10 videos)

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Topic 6 "Further Mechanics"

Momentum is one of the first topics to master in year 13. 

It is a relatively straightforward topic - but make sure you know the tricks of the trade.

Circular Motion is a key skill which you need to nail down before studying later topics like Oscillations and Particle Physics.

Topic 7 "Electric and Magnetic Fields"

Fields are BIG in physics.  Make sure you get Electric Fields sorted.  They have lots of applications and crop up in later topics.

Capacitors can be tricky.  Can you handle your exponential equations?  A nice topic once you know what you are doing and understand how capacitors work.

The concepts in magnetic fields might be the most difficult in A level physics.  It is well worth getting those ideas clear and then you can enjoy exam questions on this topic.  (Yes, really!). 

Topic 13 "Oscillations"

Simple Harmonic Motion is considered one of the more tricky topics in A Level physics.

And it is!  Lots of maths, so you need a nice clear ZEN mind for this one!

OK, maths bit done.  But lots of ideas and definitions that you need to get your head around in the second part of Oscillations.