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Online study videos for A Level/IB Physics

I've produced a few videos to help students with some tricky parts of A level physics.  Check-out the links below for the YouTube play-lists:

Magnetic Fields in A level physics (8 videos)

The concepts in magnetic fields might be the most difficult in A level physics.  It is well worth getting those ideas clear and then you can enjoy exam questions on this topic.  (Yes, really!). 

Capacitors in A level physics (10 videos)

Capacitors can be tricky.  Can you handle your exponential equations?  A nice topic once you know what you are doing and understand how capacitors work.

Simple Harmonic Motion in A level physics (15 videos)

Simple Harmonic Motion is considered one of the more tricky topics in A Level physics.  And it is!  Lots of maths, so you need a nice clear ZEN mind for this section!